Fourteen schools have been invited to participate in this year’s seat belt challenge. Our volunteers helped us count nearly 4,400 drivers and passengers leaving school parking lots in August and September at fourteen northern Colorado schools, and here’s what we found:
79.5% of drivers were buckled (ranged from 72.4% to 87.3%)
60.0% of passengers were buckled (ranged from 39.3% to 72.0%)
Overall, 72.1% wore seat belts (ranged from 58.7% to 81.5%)
7.06% of drivers were using cell phones (ranged from 1.39% to 12.5%)

How does this compare?
Seat belt use in Colorado is estimated at 84%, and nationally that number is 88.5%. Colorado ranks 29th in the nation for seat belt use.

Want to know how your school did? Want us to add your school to the Seat Belt Challenge?
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$2,000 in prizes will be awarded in this year’s Challenge!

  • $500 for the school that produces the winning Public Service Announcement video.
  • $500 for the school that has the highest percent improvement. This is calculated by taking your school’s ending seat belt use minus your beginning seat belt use, divided by the beginning seat belt use.
  • $500 for the school with the highest seat belt usage at the spring observation performed by our team of volunteers.
  • $500 for the Best Overall Challenge Program.

Poster Contest:
Any student from participating schools may submit an entry in our poster contest. The poster entry must address an issue related to teen driving. Entries must be submitted by 5 p.m. on December 2, 2016. The winning entry or entries will be printed and distributed to schools during the spring of 2017 and/or the fall semester of 2017.

Public Service Announcement Video:
Video entries must be submitted no later than 5 p.m. on February 24, 2017. PSA videos should address an issue or topic important to teen driving safety. Entries must not exceed 30 seconds in length to qualify for the contest. Any entry that includes music, images, or other material protected by copyright must have permission to use protected material. Entries should be uploaded via Dropbox or other electronic means so Alexa’s Hugs can share them via social media, YouTube, and our website.

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2016 Seat Belt Launch & Training Event